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Austria Europe Exportation

Austria Europe Exportation

Austrian Market

Austria (8,4 million inhabitants) is a very dynamic and growing market, offering opportunities for foreign companies of all sizes. It is one of the best places, if you are looking to expand your activities to Eastern Europe, Central Europe or Balkan Countries.
Many important companies have their regional head quarters based in Vienna.

Distribution Channels

If you decide to export directly, you have to considerate that your company has to handel every single aspect of the exporting process.
You can also take advantage of one ore more distribution channels by forming partnerships in the Austrian/European market with agents, distributors or joint-venture partners.
We can help you to seek out and find domestic partners, such as

  • trading companies
  • general contractors
  • distributors
  • retailer.

Client acquisition

If you want to be successfull in a new market, you need clients. Get help in the Austrian Market, if it comes to identify new clients (companies); you will get defined profiles and lists of important contacts

  • verify update of existing contacts
  • represent your company at trade fairs (gathering specific information, meeting with potential clients, analysis of data)
  • accompany your sales people in bilateral contacts (language problems, translations)
  • elaborate your documentation in German
  • distribute your documention to potential clients


Language Services

You need help with the German language? We support you:

  • your presentation through an internet web site
  • operating instructions / product information
  • brochures & leaflets
  • negotiations / accompany your representatives in bilateral contacts in Austria,  (language problems, translations)

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If you are interested in general information about Austria,have a look…..
(You are directed to the webpage of www.hallo-austria.com)

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